GRE Prep Schedule and Breakdown – 2 month plan for high scoring

February 24, 2015 § Leave a comment

Weekly/Monthly Schedule

Sunday – Thursday, 2 hours/day = 10 hours/week
Friday, 4 hour practice test = 4 hours/week
Saturday, OFF

Total: 14 hours/week
2 months prep = 112 hours total


Vocabulary – 30 minutes/day

10 new words/day from Manhattan GRE 500 essential and 500 advanced words
Daily review using Anki (spaced repitition)
Goal: Learn all 1,000 manhattan words

Verbal – 30 minutes/day

I read scores of scholarly journal articles each day for my M.A. program, so reading comprehension is not a serious concern for me. On my previous GRE I scored a 166v. If this is not a strength, add in reading 2ish articles from Academic Journals or popular press sources like The New Yorker or The Economist.


1 chapter Princeton Review/day (until finished)
1 chapter Manhattan/day
10 Magoosh practice questions/day

Quantitative – 60 minutes/day

This is my primary focus. I scored right at 150 on my previous GRE. My goal is to get accepted into a top 10 Business PhD program, which requires at least a 160quant and ideally a score > 165.


1 hour studying/day
Princeton Review (until finished) (UPDATE: Finished PR)
Manhatten GRE Quant Books (#1-6) (until finished) (UPDATE: Finished #1 & #2)
Once books are finished, 1 hour/day of practice questions using Magoosh and Manhattan 5lb practice book.


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